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Infected!Are you ready to rebel?

Countdown to Secret santa sign up

Countdown ended
Wednesday, December 23rd @ 2:00pm

No more signing!
Welcome to this year’s Christmas event! Unlike other years, this event will be a little more… active…
Plot: Due to recent event and heat between the Global Government, the GG was unable to organize a party this year. However, the truce still stands.
In order to make a quick clean up, lessening the stress without violence or force and calming any suspicious civilians down, the infected were sent to a Lower Grounds ski resort, from an old artificial mountain zone. All Tamed and Infected were invited to the resort, in order to let off some steam. However, participation isn’t necessary.
Sofia seems to be missing this holiday as well, as she will not partake in any event.
However, the leaders still want some way to release stress…
Meanwhile, the GG are free to organize charity events and Holiday parades.

Lavvy and Hadrea have (unfortunately) intersected while skiing and snowboarding, giving them another spark of rivalry. However, due to their truce, they can’t settle it with violence. But they can still let out steam with a little competition.
They have organized a race from the top of the mountain, down to the bottom, in the most unsafe and varied terrain route. There will be jumps, pitfalls and rugged edges so you better be careful.
-the race has to take place on the mountain, there are no sides, everyone races for themselves
-Tamed or Harmony accepted
-you do NOT have to make your character win, just race
-splash pages, writing and comics are all accepted and equally likely to win, as in this event, plot matters less, as much as effort and flashy-ness
-cameos are downright obligatory to have multiple racers there
-please submit a picture of your character in their skiing gear and their preferred ride (snowboard or ski) IF you want to compete. Make one for each character you want to use (Tamed or Harmony)
-no transforming during the race
-no violence
-if characters ski or board gets broken, they’re out
-no collabs, this is a competition
Because of last mission’s lack of finished entries or entries in general, the event is going to reward the person with a certain amount of half levels, each for a separate character.
First place wins 3 half levels for their harmony characters (if they have more than 1 or 2)
Second place wins 2 half levels for their harmony characters (if they have more than 1 chara)
Third place wins 1 half level for their harmony character
If you use a Tamed character, similarly to mirror mission, you have to include a Harmony character for at least part of the pic/story/comic or in the other events.

Side events

Snowball chaos
For those less prone to racing we have other events to make them enjoy the Holiday Truce, yet still willing to let steam off, there is an organized snowball fight. Once again there are no sides, but there ARE pairs. Tamed and Harmony members can pair with each other, but expect to get your ear chewed off by the leaders later…
-there is snowball violence allowed, but nothing that can kill you or gravely harm someone
-you are allowed to transform, HOWEVER, those who transform even partly MUST become the main pelting target from ALL sides, no matter who they want to target
-there is no way to win or loose, just pelt and have fun until you tire
-you can use both tamed and harmony
-collabs are allowed, but only in duos

Snowman competition
For those unwilling to any kind of competition or harmless violence, there is a snowman building competition. Come join in on the sculptures, once again pairing up with anyone you wish.
-no violence at all
-you are allowed to transform in order to better aid your building, like carrying snow better or shaping tools
-you are allowed to use non snow and ice to make the snowman but in small quantities
-you are allowed to collab, but only in pairs

GG charity
Some soldiers get a break this year, in order to participate to numerous charity events.
Some soldiers will partake in guarding diverse locations, but only while dressed as a character in the spirit of the holidays, such as elfs, snowmen, deer or even Santa.
Others will partake in a parade to show both patriotism and respect for all religions, wearing their formal uniforms.
-obviously only GG NPCs are allowed to partake in this event. Former infected GG don’t count.
-depending on what they choose they must wear the appropriate attire. Christmas costumes for charity events and formal attire or armor for parade
-no violence, but then again, no need between those on the same side

How to get a higher grade:
This event is all about activity and fun, while the competition race is the main event you CAN get extra points from each picture/story/comic you make for each event, depending on the quantity or quality. The ski doesn’t have to be your MAIN event but it is necessary to be written/drawn for you to qualify for getting the half level/s.

Half level system:
For each mission you do/finnish post a deadline (from a select mission batch, ex: the offense and defense mission from mission 6 won’t count as separate missions since it’s from the same batch) (besides the very first mission they ever do), a specific harmony character is going to get half a level. Finnish two missions post date, and you get a full level up.
In this case, for those up to date, the half level can be kept as an optional backup plan in case you’re ever late on finishing a mission.

This year there will also be a Secret Santa. This will be done in a traditional manner: simply comment in the journal that you wish to participate and your wish and you will be eligible for the secret santa raffle.
Signs up end on the 23 of December.

:bulletred: PS: the event has no time limit as of yet, but it will run AT LEAST thorough December and next month.
More Journal Entries

Welcome to the group!

:bulletred: :bulletblue: Z-Parasites :bulletred: :bulletblue:

:bulletred: Story :bulletblue: Factions :bulletred: Info :bulletblue: About missions :bulletred: Chat :bulletblue: FAQ :bulletred:

:bulletpurple: What kind of group is this? :bulletpurple:
This is a RP/story/mission group, following an original concept of
werecreatures. Humans in this world transform by getting infected with
parasites. These parasites were originally animals or made from animal DNA,
but due to a bacteria developped by the GG in order to make animals immune to
pollution they became parasites, only able to infect humans.
The world is separated into three factions: Global Government,
Tamed and Harmony. As a member, you are an infected and part of the
harmony. You can however create an unlimited amount of humand and tamed

:bulletpurple: Is there a limit of characters for missions? :bulletpurple:
Yes, three. More then that is a no no, and I recommend having a single
character anyways, unless you want some sort of team.

:bulletpurple: Can I join? When? :bulletpurple:
Yes and anytime! Z-parasites has no time limit! However, we will only accept
you as a member if you complete an application correctly first.

:bulletpurple: Are there any other details we should know? :bulletpurple:
As this is a gobal group, please make sure you at least have a decent grasp at
english... We are sorry, but it is rather infuriating when somebody doesn't know
english now and requires to use a poor tool such as Googlr translate.

APP TEMPLATE: Z-Parasites app template by HronawmonsTamer

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Alpha-Pain Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
I'll join the group, but i wanna ask you something, it's no matters if there are the same animal picked but diferent of color or design? I though my parasite will be white fox or a Japanase Wolf.
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Where-our-stars-lie Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2016
Looks pretty cool. Love the concept.
I think I'll be filling out the app soon...
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Hexidextrous Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2015
Interesting concept. Reminds me of this old show called Animorphs, except a lot more in-depth.

I wish you best of luck with keeping this group going!
theWolfdragon21 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Anyone want to do a rp?
Karlimaxine Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2015
May I be apart of this group?
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