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Infected!Are you ready to rebel?

Countdown to Mission 9 countdown

Sunday, October 18th @ 2:00pm

You still have time! GET YOUR MISSIONS GOING!


For the longest time, we have focused on the struggles and pains of the Harmony, but what about the other sides? Every story has two sides, every side has their own struggles. Who is to say that the protagonists are the right side? They are merely the catalysts around which the story revolves... however. It's time to take a look at the other side of the mirror! Mirror missions are now available!

Yes! Now we have given the chance for GG and Tamed NPC's to shine! At least partially. Due to the nature of opposing sides of 2vs1, we cannot exactly make Tamed and GG their own leveling system. We can, however, allow you to use out beloved Harmony characters... as the enemy. Yes, mirror missions involve TAMED OR GG Npc's in the protagonist's position!
Wait, if Tamed and GG are in the leading role, then how will leveling go? Very simple. As previously mentioned, mirror missions involve the other side of the mirror, which means at least ONE of your Harmony characters must be present in the mission and have at least some sort of impact, he can't just be there to stare.
There is also a rule to which Tamed/GG characters you can use here as well: they have had to have appeared in at least ONE past mission, WITH some major role or they must have an application fully completed. Preferably the application route. If they do not have the APP, please link the specific page to the mission they appeared in.
Obviously, since mirror missions don't focus on the Harmony side, you won't be graded by how well you use the Harmony side, but how well you use the Tamed or GG side. Of course you'll get some extra points if you manage to use both Tamed/GG and Harmony side effectively, as mirror mission doesn't mean you can't make the normal mission along it and focus on both sides equally! And some missions have the potential of enemy sides working together!
Mirror missions encourage mass cameos from the Harmony side. Make sure to ask permission before using a memer for cameo.
:bulletgreen: Final note: Mirror missions are optional. If you still wish to focus on your Harmony members without caring for the enemy, it is perfectly fine.
:new: Missions now have a GG scouter, to specify which GG are most common in the Area. IF you do a Mirror mission that involves a GG side, you can use any kind of GG you have an OC in...But only your characters can be used of that particular type. Like say you have a GG ballerina, but the mission doesn't specify any on the scouter, you can use yours, but not someone else’s oc. You can use someone else’s GG oc if they are the soldier type specified in the mission, like the often vanilla soldier.
:new: Location descriptions have been added!
:new: Danger levels make a return! REMEMBER, how hard your mission is depends on this and will affect your grading. If you get captured, however, you will partake in a new special prison break mission next mission! Also, even if you get captured, or fail the mission, you will still level up. 0 stars means there is absolutely no risk to capture, while 5 means there is an incredibly high risk. NOTE: TAMED TRAITORS CANNOT BE CAPTURED, IF THEY DO GET CAPTURED THEY WILL GET INSTANT KILLED! TREAD CAREFULLY!


Keira talksprite by birdtier Eon, have you seen these new guys?
Eon talksprite by birdtier …why are you showing me pictures of bugs?
Keira talksprite by birdtier They’re not bugs. They’re snapshots some of the members managed to get of the new GG.
Eon talksprite by birdtier Whoah, so they’re making up for the lack of bugs with more GG? That’s just great… I have other issues tho, another infected has been taken hostage.
Keira talksprite by birdtier Sounds like we need to send out people again. I don’t like all of these new GG armors popping up.
Eon talksprite by birdtier We'd best tell Lavvy. We need to handle another infected situation. Where is she?
Derek talksprite by birdtier *pushed around on a wheel chair*...Lavvy, I'm fine now, you know.
Lavvy talksprite by birdtier SHUT THE FUCK UP! Do you know how many issues we had getting you back?! You will sit in this thing and I will make sure you can punch me in the face before you get out.
Derek talksprite by birdtier ...can I do it now, and get this over with, mom?
Lavvy talksprite by birdtier Shut up, smartass, I told you, for not another week... where in the living hell is Hector?
Hector talksprite by birdtier *dressed up to go out* Sorry, Lavvy, finished my interrogation, I'm going back to work, talk to you later, bye. *rushes out*
Lavvy talksprite by birdtier THE FUCK!? WAIT!
Hector talksprite by birdtier SEND HELP IF YOU WANT ME BACK QUICKLY! *already out*
Derek talksprite by birdtier ....*already preparing his papers* Let's get this over with...


Derek talksprite by birdtier
Misssion type: Offense
Mission description: As one of the Leaders of the Harmony, I typically try to stay out of affairs that don’t specifically relate to us. Getting into other people’s politics is typically too risky… But there are some things that even I can’t ignore. Human trafficking. Treating people like slaves and selling them like property, it makes me sick to my stomach with rage. I can’t just let something like this happen and ignore it in good conscious. For the past few weeks I have been closely tracking a human trafficking ring lead by a man who calls himself “El Cuco”.a truly vile man who sees other human beings as an expendable source of profit. Having finally found their hideout, I want them gone. Fairly straight forward this mission, you are to break up this crime ring… I would strongly suggest you don’t kill anyone, but a nice scare from some monsters should be enough to get these idiots scampering for the hills. a quick call to the local Policía afterwards should help with cleaning up whatever mess they left and getting everyone they captured to safety… though I’d suggest that you personally leave before the policía arrive, we don’t need any odd questions being asked. Whatever you have to do to make this happen, I want that Crime ring broken… but I would prefer that you made sure that El Cuco gets to the policía alive, a man like that deserves to answer for his crimes in court.

Danger level: :star: :star: :star:

Location description: :  After weeks of tracking this ring, I finally located their base of operations to be in Tijauna, a large city sitting on the border of California and Mexico. Usually something like this is a bit out of our sphere of influence, but I’m pretty dead set on taking these guys down. Travel will be covered. If my intel is right, then El Cuco should be receiving a fairly large shipment of ‘product’ the night after you should be scheduled to arrive... that product being people… keep a sharp eye our, getting a shipment like that means a lot of activity, this would be the best time to find their hideout and attack.

GG scouter: This is an illegal crime ring, there will be no GG here, only humans likely armed with as much illegal weaponry as they could pull out of the black market
Mirror mission:
From the Desk of Darrius Vanguard,
Now this is why we really work for the government! it isn’t all just gallivanting about and hunting Infected. No, we are here to help people, we have a job to do and that job is to protect the people. The Tijauna police department has gotten a hold of some huge leads to finding a Big Human Trafficking Ring. This El Cuco guy is going down. This is what we do best. You have been selected to lead a team of soldiers into their base of operations and break this mess up. Strictly by the book, no heroics. Your objective is to get those criminals to the authorities and those prisoners to safety.
That isn’t the dangerous part, though, you’ll be part of the escort group to get El Cuco back to the police station. Escort is a dangerous job and any of El Cuco’s men who are still out there will be coming after you. Get both El Cuco and yourself back to the station alive at all costs.
((Mission is For GG Soldiers only))

Eon talksprite by birdtier
Mission type:  Defense
Mission description: So I have just received word from Zokryn that a town a small distance off has recently come across some sort of raptor. Since we all know those guys are long gone I am going to go by the logical assumption that it is an infected, where the parasite has control over the host body. It apparently was displayed for a small bit once it was caught and is now being held in a biological lab in town while the GG get’s ready to go pick it up. We can’t let this raptor go from one horrible condition to another! So what I’m asking is for some of you to go out to the town of Sootsbury and rescue it yourselves. Protect it from both the tamed/GG and the scientists, since the lab will have heavy security I can only assume.
Try to go at night so that the towns people are asleep and won’t see you. Don’t wanna raise too much panic to the pedestrians now. The raptor will most likely be restrained in the building  and like I said, there will be heavy security from the lab. You are free to attack- but please try not to actually kill- anyone that stops you. And there will be tamed there, probably cause they know that we will be coming. So be prepared to fight them off too! They will be acting as a guard to the raptor until the GG can come get it in the morning.
Oh and take note that the parasite may not want to let the human take control once again if it feels threatened so your best bet will be trying to reason with it to get it to come along. Try to be gentle, but stern, as with any animal, maybe lure it with food.
((The raptor- ))

Danger level:  :star: :star: :star: :star:

Location description:  The lab is a tall building with bullet proof glass windows for obvious reasons. It is near the center of the town which sort of looks like a small city. There are under used tunnels under the city that will lead to the basement of the lab which would be recommended taking. They are very old and are probably gross and moldy by now. Think of catacombs minus the dead bodies and bones everywhere.  
The lab itself is very modern. There are definitely going to be strange experiments going on in the private rooms which include but are not limited to gene splicing and cloning research. The room where the raptor is located is large enough to accommodate a small crowd. There are windows closer to the ceiling, about seven feet off the ground.

GG scouter: Only two guardians that will be scouting the outside of the building.

Mirror Mission:  
Incoming transmission from the desk of Hadrea Vanguard.
So you all are aware of that raptor that Sootsbury caught the other day? Well tomorrow we are going to send some guys out to pick it up but for now we have something else to worry about. I have a hunch that the Harmony is going to send some people over to get to the raptor before we do. So before out GG get there I want some of you guys to go there and chase off any of them that you see. Preferably before noon the next day so that our pickup won’t have to deal with them too.

Keira talksprite by birdtier
Mission type: Stealth
Mission description: With the two new GG soldier types recently released along with rumors about another one possibly being introduced soon, I think it's a good idea to slow down the process of the GG soldiers showing up. To do that, we're going to have to sneak into the main GG tech building where the suites for the GG soldiers are produced and wreck up the place. Sure, it might not stop the GG soldiers that are out now, but if the main place where they made their repairs for their weapons and worked on the suites was badly damaged, then we'd slow down the rate of GG soldiers we'll have to deal with. Jackson knows the layout of the building and has offered to lead a small squad to sabotage the machines and repair shops. Since this is mission is taking place in one of the most highly protected GG buildings, everyone needs to work together to make sure this is done quick and quick out of there quickly. Do the damage, knock out the guards, and just make sure you don't get caught. Also, please don't try to start a fight with Jackson while you guys are there because that will be the last thing you'll wanna do in a high risk GG building! And watch out for Sofia. She's going to be protective of her creations.

Danger level:  :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

Location description:  The location will look like a regular GG building on the outside, but on the inside, it's going to look like a large garage with many different machines for various tasks. There's going to be computers in there for designing the GG suites on a digital screen and possibly mechanical machinery..

GG scouter:  It’s an armor base so expect any kind of GG to be present here. Try to avoid highly secure or empty large rooms, as the new GG insect trio seems to dwell there, as they can make as less damage as possible. (GG Sparkfly, Torchbug and Polarbeetle)
Mirror mission:
From the desk of Sofia Debbora,
As you all know, we here at the GG technology center pride ourselves with the tools that bring upon a better future. As such, I want nothing bad to happen to my precious equipment, or to my coworkers projects. If any of those savage animals manage to get into this base and destroy thigs, I want them either dead or incapacitated! I don’t care if they’re with the rebels or with our dogs.
…*clears throat* I have some work to do tonight there as well, and in case some filthy animal tries to sneak up on me, you don’t have to worry. My room and the vicinity of my room is filled with electric traps, wall mounted plasma Gatling guns and plasma nets. I have also made a safety hatch for escape, while the rats fry.
You are Darrius’s men, but you are using my tools. So show some competence and use them right.

:new: From the desk of Hadrea Vanguard,
The Harmony may be planning to strike the technology center currently. I don't want to help that foolish woman, but we need to, for the sake of our immage and our affiliation. You have to guard the lab and make sure no Harmony causes chaos. TRY NOT TO BREAK ANYTHING, the soldiers are ordered to take out any infected who causes damage, they won't care if you're Tamed or Harmony. Play smart, and get some Harmony rats.

Hector talksprite by birdtier
Mission type: Special
Mission description:  Ahh, I don't think many of you know, but I am currently the owner of a café at the city. After a few events, I might have noticed I need more working hands, you see? we have become progressively more popular, and just 3 workers wont cut it. If you want to apply for a job, please, see me at the café in busyness hours to apply for the position, this way you will gain a nice income to pay for your things, not having to steal anymore!(at least most of the time). You'll have to tell me everything you would on a real job interview though, and there I am not your friendly general, i'll be your stranger boss. So behave accordingly. One more thing: Do a mess in my café, and I will refuse service to you forever and call the GGs. Yes, I will call the GGs under the accusation of disturbance of peace. Yes, I am dead serious.

Danger level:  I am the only thing between you and a 100% chance of being captured by the GG. Do not mess around. If you want this position, I hope you know how to behave.

Location description:
General area between the cashier and the door:…  decorated as such…
The outside:…
The kitchen of the café is open so the public can see its food being prepared, so it is small, but still very shiny clean:…

GG Scouter: The only GG here are on a nice coffee break. It’s a peace zone. To ensure extra safety, however and not stir panic, please well a disguise and especially hide your eyes and vein.
Mirror mission:
Note from Beeanca:
Sigh. Aparently my boss wants more working hands on his café. If any of you chumps think you can handle a part time job there wihout hindering you here, by all means, go see to it. Help me god, that place is so boring, I have nobody to talk with all day!
(Mission only for Tamed)

Disclaimer: This mission really has no danger level, the danger warning is meant only as a reminder that this is meant to be a peace mission, so no fighting. Tamed and Harmony will work together… that doesn’t mean they can’t be crappy at actually working at the café and tease each other tho. But Hector is a monster in his own café and will not be pushed around.


Due to many complains in the past there will be NO EXTENSIONS, this time around. You got two months, please finish in time. Even if you work like an hour per day, you can probably finish it way early. The only extension will be an extra day above the normal date to make sure EVERYONE’S timelines line up, but otherwise work hard, please.
IMPORTANT: if you have ANY questions regarding each of the missions, please address them to the general that created it in note. If you got any questions about world mechanics in general, please address them to the leader!

More Journal Entries

Welcome to the group!

:bulletred: :bulletblue: Z-Parasites :bulletred: :bulletblue:

:bulletred: Story :bulletblue: Factions :bulletred: Info :bulletblue: About missions :bulletred: Chat :bulletblue: FAQ :bulletred:

:bulletpurple: What kind of group is this? :bulletpurple:
This is a RP/story/mission group, following an original concept of
werecreatures. Humans in this world transform by getting infected with
parasites. These parasites were originally animals or made from animal DNA,
but due to a bacteria developped by the GG in order to make animals immune to
pollution they became parasites, only able to infect humans.
The world is separated into three factions: Global Government,
Tamed and Harmony. As a member, you are an infected and part of the
harmony. You can however create an unlimited amount of humand and tamed

:bulletpurple: Is there a limit of characters for missions? :bulletpurple:
Yes, three. More then that is a no no, and I recommend having a single
character anyways, unless you want some sort of team.

:bulletpurple: Can I join? When? :bulletpurple:
Yes and anytime! Z-parasites has no time limit! However, we will only accept
you as a member if you complete an application correctly first.

:bulletpurple: Are there any other details we should know? :bulletpurple:
As this is a gobal group, please make sure you at least have a decent grasp at
english... We are sorry, but it is rather infuriating when somebody doesn't know
english now and requires to use a poor tool such as Googlr translate.

APP TEMPLATE: Z-Parasites app template by HronawmonsTamer

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