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Welcome to the group!

:bulletred: :bulletblue: Z-Parasites :bulletred: :bulletblue:

:bulletred: Story :bulletblue: Factions :bulletred: Info :bulletblue: About missions :bulletred: Chat :bulletblue: FAQ :bulletred:

:bulletpurple: What kind of group is this? :bulletpurple:
This is a RP/story/mission group, following an original concept of
werecreatures. Humans in this world transform by getting infected with
parasites. These parasites were originally animals or made from animal DNA,
but due to a bacteria developped by the GG in order to make animals immune to
pollution they became parasites, only able to infect humans.
The world is separated into three factions: Global Government,
Tamed and Harmony. As a member, you are an infected and part of the
harmony. You can however create an unlimited amount of humand and tamed

:bulletpurple: Is there a limit of characters for missions? :bulletpurple:
Yes, three. More then that is a no no, and I recommend having a single
character anyways, unless you want some sort of team.

:bulletpurple: Can I join? When? :bulletpurple:
Yes and anytime! Z-parasites has no time limit! However, we will only accept
you as a member if you complete an application correctly first.

:bulletpurple: Are there any other details we should know? :bulletpurple:
As this is a gobal group, please make sure you at least have a decent grasp at
english... We are sorry, but it is rather infuriating when somebody doesn't know
english now and requires to use a poor tool such as Googlr translate.

APP TEMPLATE: Z-Parasites app template by HronawmonsTamer


Lavvy talksprite by birdtier What the fuck, serious... W HAT THE FUCK HAPPENED AGAIN?! WHAT'RE YOU DOING HERE?!
Hector talksprite by birdtier ....Lavvy... you appointed me general remember? because Katie is missing.
Lavvy talksprite by birdtier ...WHERE'S DEREK?!
Derek talksprite by birdtier (Not here)
Eon talksprite by birdtier Lavvy, he's caught, remember? The good news is, we found the location!
Keira talksprite by birdtier Lavvy, it's time for the missions remember?.... you smell funny.... are you drunk?!
Lavvy talksprite by birdtier ...was...
Hector talksprite by birdtier Eon talksprite by birdtier Keira talksprite by birdtier Ha?
Lavvy talksprite by birdtier GET BACK TO WORK! AND GIVE ME A HEADACHE PILL!


Hector talksprite by birdtier
Oh, well, this is a first time for me, i must say i am as honored as nervous to be able to be here with the generals..Well, with no further addo, there has some issues i'd like to adress.
REcently, we have sighted way too many "stray" infected with a behaviour not as random as we would like. The gg seems to have taken note of that too, and thus, they are on the same mission as we are: Capture one of those stray infecteds and interrogate them to know more about their habits. Warning, they are not friendly to infecteds nor humans, their main charcteristic is being agressive at all times and most likely are vermin infecteds like rats, roaches, mosquitoes, pidgeons...they seem to walk in packs of 3 so its advised you bring a partner. Be careful as you may have to fight a GG group if you are not careful or lucky.
:new: NOTE:  Its not YOU the member who will interrogate them, but the generals.

Keira talksprite by birdtier
Some of the actions from the Tamed members has been worrying me with how aggressive they're getting lately. One thing that really worries me is how they'll attack the younger members of the Harmony. We have a few members who are just kids, around fourteen and under. Well I know they can take of themselves, I think it would be a good idea if an older member was with them for a while. Another patrol is due to go out soon and since some of the younger members are going to be going on it, I suggest that if you guys run into any Tamed members or GG soldiers(or both), keep an eye on the kids so they don't get captured, killed, or seriously hurt. The Tamed aren't usually fair when it comes to fighting and there's no doubt that they'll go for the younger members first that are not as experienced as the older ones.

Derek talksprite by birdtier
During the last Mission, General Derek was captured by GG soldiers and taken prisoner. The Global Government has gone out of their way to make sure he could not be found or rescued, all efforts to find a single clue to his location have proved in vain. Derek was supposed to have had a small tracking device hidden on his person in order to prevent a situation like this, but the tracking device went mysteriously went dead the day after he was captured. this has left us with no leads on his location, until recently that is.
The sudden Destruction of an abandoned Church in The Market town of Bungay has gained some national attention due to rather mysterious circumstances. The old church caught fire during the middle of the night and burned to the ground. Reasons for the destruction are unclear; official sources placing blame on anything from teenage pranks to meth lab explosions, and superstitious locals placing blame on a mysterious black dog spotted near the site in the days following the event. Whatever the reason, The GG has Deployed large amounts of soldiers to the area and is blocking all access to the site and much of the surrounding forest.
Between the GG’s sudden interest and the fact that this site is within 10 miles of the last place we were able to track Derek before his tracking beacon went dead, it may be possible that the black ‘dog’ that locals have been spotting may actually be our recently escaped General. We need Harmony Members to sneak in and investigate. the utmost caution should be used due to the high number of soldiers patrolling the area, violence should only be used as a last resort as any combat even with small numbers of soldiers would draw unwanted attention. If you do find Derek he will most likely be very weak from his extended imprisonment, so he will need you to safely escort him out of the area and back to the Harmony without getting caught again.

Eon talksprite by birdtier
Ok so lotsa tension and no point in hiding it- sadness here. Katie as Mako missing. Lavvy was sick. And Derek captured..... So what I would like to propose is not really a mission but a group event. This week out on a grass field close by, whoever wants to join will be playing a nice game of soccer to relive stress. Symbiote forms allowed and encouraged. ((Plus it's not like we can do anything in the base with Lavvyd little rampage))

And remember, it's encouraged for people to do diverse missions!

Prizes are as usual, done by :iconhronawmonstamer:
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We affiliate with any kind of group, but were mainly aiming for:
RP, OC's, animal, werecreatures and monsters.

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